Why would I pay someone else to sell my car? Good question!

Ideally, car consignment will save you money!  The goal is to take as much work off your plate as possible.  ex: Posting ads, answering calls, and emails, and dealing with tire kickers, no shows and scammers. We are experts at crafting effective listings and posting them in all the right places. (including TikTok, Facebook and Instagram). Additional perks like detailing services and high quality listings with professional photography also help tilt the scale in your favor.

CarSimple will act as the middleman between the seller (you) and potential buyers. You still have the freedom to set your own price.  We can give you guidance to know where you should be in the market, but you still have the final say. When the sale is complete and funds are cleared we deliver the funds to you minus our consignment fee of $495.  We also handle all necessary DMV paperwork of the sale.  Do you still owe on the vehicle? No problem! At the time of sale when funds are received we make that payoff for you!  

In short, consignment allows people to sell their cars without the typical hassle and headaches of doing it themselves.

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